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What is the CloudLinux OS?
CloudLinux OS is mainly designed for shared hosting services. It is an improved kernel, based on an OpenVZ kernel that you can interchange with the existing CentOS kernel in few steps. It isolates all tenants on shared server resources into the separate lightweight virtualized environment (LVE) to limit or improve each tenant’s server resources; thus, improves the stability, security, and density of all tenants. It improves the overall data stability, security, and density by isolating every tenant using shared server resources into distinct LVE, to increase or limit all server resources of all tenants. Following are the purpose of tenants’ separation in the CloudLinux shared hosting:

It isolates its tenants from one another to eliminate the security breaks.

It supports to protect the server from slowing down because of the activities of other users in the same network.

It restricts the spread of virus and malware on any website of the client.
CloudLinux is the only OS designed specifically for the shared hosting services, it offers a lot of additional benefits such as stability, security and easy management. Not all OS offers the same benefit as CloudLinux. LVE” Technology is something that makes CloudLinux really stand out.
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