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Any WordPress enthusiasts here?
I'm a great WordPress enthusiast, and am using WordPress for both static Websites and blogs.  I find it a limitless tool for doing anything.  I find after using it for five years now I have a set of themes, plugins, tools, templates that work for me. I can install a WordPress site under 5 minutes almost with my eyes closed.

I'm wondering whether there are any other WordPress enthusiasts here?  Or what your opinion is about WordPress in general?
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My Opinion about WordPress

Awesome for beginners
I started learning before month or tow
And i learned enough to make local business site for sure, its easy for noobs like me
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WordPress is awesome Cool . If you are starting out or you develop 10-20 websites weekly for yourself or your clients, it makes it really easy to set up websites within minutes.
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Here is a little known fact about Wordpress - did you know it is the world most expensive domain? Yes, its value is almost the double of It is also the worlds first billion dollar domain. Smile
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